“What greater gift than the love of a cat”  Charles Dickens


Lucinda came through the front doors of Animal Aide April 1, 2008. We had always hoped that she would go back out those same doors, a little nervous but looking forward to living out her life in her forever home. Sadly, that did not happen. She waited and waited but sometime during the night of Tuesday December 28, 2010, Lucinda passed away in her cage. Of all the adoptable cats in the centre, only Kringle and Sally had been there longer. Lucinda was estimated to be only 1 year old when she arrived and was only about 3 1/2 years old when she died. She was always happy to lick your hand when her cage was being cleaned but she was also had a spunky side. Lucinda was one of the first cats you saw when you came into the centre and one of the last you saw on the way out, as her cage was situated right near the front door. She has been such a fixture at the centre that I know I will think of her every time I pass her cage. I’m sure she has joined ranks of our other cats who have left us prematurely and unexpectedly and will keep watch over us all.