Yesterday, later in the afternoon, I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Katie-Cat and her mother.  I saw the pair coming across the street, laden down with kitty litter and a green bin full of supplies. After a couple more trips to the car, there was an impressive pile of much needed supplies to help keep our shelter and our cats clean and happy. The reason? Well, Katie-Cat had a cat themed 6th birthday party. No games or toys for KC.  She had requested that each of her 4 friends, who were invited to her meow fest, bring donations that we could use in the shelter. KC and her friends had their faces painted (as cats, of course), wore headbands with cat ears and played  feline inspired cats games such as Mouse hunt. Animal Aide would like to thank Katie-Cat, all her friends, her friends parents for their generosity and especially her parents for hosting, what sounds like a purrfectly meowing good time. ( Good luck with your Cat Ranch, Katie-Cat. If you are going to dream, you might as well dream big).

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