18th St. Thomas Brownies

18th St.Thomas Brownies

About a month ago Shannon Lynch of the 18th St Thomas Brownies called us to ask if we did centre tours. The Brownies had taken on Animal Aide as their special project. They were holding a penny drive aptly named Pennies For Paws which they hoped would end with a tour of the centre and presentation of the funds collected. Of course Heather and I jumped at the chance to show off our animals and the centre in general. On the evening of March 25th, 17 Brownies and 3 leaders were given a tour. Both Heather and I enjoyed the comments and very intelligent questions coming from these young ladies. After the tour the girls sat in a circle on the floor….amidst very attentive cats in cages. They answered trivia questions and enjoyed a treat of brownies made by Heather. At that point the Brownies and their leaders made a very generous donation of $287.43 to Animal Aide. We are most appreciative of the efforts this group of girls made in 6 short weeks. The 18th St Thomas Brownies are now ambassadors for Animal Aide. We thank the girls from the bottom of our hearts. We hope all of you will spread the word about responsible pet ownership.

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