Lost and Found





A former Animal Aide kitty is LOST – REWARD Kyle is lost… last seen on March 18, 2015 at Aldersbrook & Gainsborough area in London. Orange, Male, Long Hair, Super Friendly, Michrochiped. Please call Kaity at 519-636-8499 – anytime.


LOST CAT! REWARD OFFERED. On the afternoon of Sunday, October 27th, 2013, my cat Lenny, a neutered
Russian Blue/Siamese mix, snuck outside at 8 Weldon Ave in St. Thomas, and followed my mother to the KFC restaurant on the corner of Woodworth
Ave and Talbot St. When I arrived to bring him home, he was not interested in going back inside and ran from me. I followed him all over the neighbourhood trying to catch him, before finally losing track of him in the backyard of 25 Weldon Ave at approximately 1:30PM.

He is a year and a half old. He has a light blue collar with a bell on it. He is pure grey in colour (a shade of blue in the right light, as you can see in the picture) with black rings around his tail and white pencil thin lines around the top
of his feet. He has pale green eyes and a long slender build with long legs. He is an indoor cat and not used to being outside in the elements.
I am offering a substantial reward for his safe return. If you have ANY information at all about his whereabouts, please contact Josh Richard at 519-207-4448. He is deeply loved and sorely missed!

Today’s Update – 7 months on, and our best boy is still missing. I have vigilantly paid for his Kijiji ad to remain as a Top Ad during this time just to maintain awareness. Also back around this time, several posters with his
basic information were distributed to vets and shelters all across the region. There was one unconfirmed sighting back in November by a couple on the outskirts of St. Thomas who were apparently even leaving food out for him (I can’t remember which street, but I know they initially saw him out on Sunset Drive running across the street in heavy traffic between the two cemeteries). Sadly, there have not been any sightings since. I am at a loss, I don’t know what to do. Please contact 519-207-4448 with ANY information, please. We have been worried sick. He is deeply loved and sorely missed!


Jeckyl went missing November 9, 2013 from Straffordville and Heritage Line. He is 9 years old,

neutered and declawed on the front. Orange and white tabby. If found, please contact Rebecca or Cody Cromwell at 519-866-5403 or 519-983-7242