“Cats are connoisseurs of comfort”  James Herriot

Founded in 1993 from a partnership of two households exness, Animal Aide is a non-profit, no-kill organization of adoptable animals, funded from adoptions and donations and staffed almost entirely by volunteers. All donations are used to purchase food and supplies and to pay for veterinary expenses. Additional donations of food and supplies are solicited from pet food suppliers, local businesses and private individuals. The mission of Animal Aide is to assist the stray and unwanted animals of Elgin County by providing foster care in members’ homes, complete medical care for our animals and adoptions to carefully chosen new homes. .Animal Aide performs liaison activities with other animal care and shelter facilities, as well as community awareness and fundraising activities.

Animal Aide has grown into a dynamic organization. We take in over 400 cats every year. All our animals go through a vet check and are given all necessary vaccinations. Adults are spayed or neutered.

Animal Aide has a NO-KILL policy for adoptable animals and an animal in our care is only euthanized when it is so sick or injured that the vet feels euthanasia is the only humane alternative. We are able to accomplish our mission only through the diligent efforts of our dedicated volunteers and members and the generous help of the public exness brokers. Our volunteers put in over 100,000 hours per year of combined effort.

Animal Aide will continue confidently into the future, building and growing to meet the needs of our community.