Founded in 1993, ANIMAL AIDE evolved from a partnership of two households into a growing and dynamic organization. Donation levels have increased such that the group needs to function at a level of accountability commensurate with maintaining the public trust. This is the prime reason for registration as a non-profit organization.The mission of ANIMAL AIDE is to assist the stray animals of Elgin County. This will be accomplished by the following means:


  1. Providing foster care for animals in members’ homes.
  2. Providing medical care for recipients of foster care, including vaccinations, *neutering/spaying, and emergency care as required.
  3. Provide adoptive and placement services for animals, taking care to match animal behaviour characteristics with new owner requirements.
  4. Liaise with Elgin County and other regional animal care/pound authorities in order to achieve and/or maintain improvements in animal control bylaws, and the collection, interim care and placement processes.

The members of ANIMAL AIDE will accomplish this by providing foster care, performing liaison activities and fundraising. Liaison efforts have already been initiated with local animal control authorities. These efforts will be expanded in the coming months, as new members join the group.

ANIMAL AIDE raises money through adoptions and donations. Currently, the group has limited cash reserve. All donations are used to purchase food and pay veterinarians for medical expenses. Food donations are solicited from private individuals and pet food outlets. Agreements have been, and will continue to be negotiated with veterinarians and pharmaceutical companies to assist in the provision of medical care.

Donations can be made through Canada Helps